We are running an affiliate program to assist the reach of our courses.
All of our professional-grade courses will be aimed at improving our enrollees’ relevant knowledge and practice in the hope it will help improve the safety, life experience and development of children.

For instance, our first course, PA1, addresses Parental Alienation as a mental health,
social & legal issue severely disrupting the attachments,developmental prospects &
quality of life of hundreds of thousands of children & families worldwide.

This open-access, 13 hour course offering Continued Professional Development accreditation
at an Intermediary Level is outstanding value for money.

If you would like to assist us in marketing this course, help children by providing professionals
and the public access to robust training, and earn commission on any sales you are in
a position to generate, we’d be happy to hear from you.

The CAFTT production team consists of professionals who are also all parents that
have each experienced the behaviours & destruction of parental alienation.
This is why we at CAFTT have created this training - it is for ALL of us.

And why we will initially be producing courses that are of professional grade but open access:
so anybody can undertake them.

How can you help and earn?
Affiliates will be provided their own, personalised url links to include in their emails
and banners for visitors to any affiliates’ websites to click on.
Sales generated as part of the affiliate program will register as assisted by
your specific affiliate link and pay a commission of 10%.
We look forward to hearing from you.